Custom Arrangements from


How do we decide which titles to publish?

We are constantly polling educators, directors, students and other musicians to see which songs they want to be able to sing. We also receive unsolicited requests for titles.

What if you don’t currently publish a song I’m looking for?

Deke Sharon is the main arranger for Contemporary A Cappella Publishing. Together he, along with Anne Raugh, produce both custom* and general, mass-market arrangements. If you don’t see a song you’re looking for here, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Deke also runs, a custom arranging service that includes Deke and other professional a cappella singers/arrangers.

Start a conversation with Deke at to see how they can help.

*”Custom” means that if you tell Deke what your group configuration is, he (or one of the staff) can write an arrangement just for you! Only have two sopranos, but a big, bold alto section? No problem. They can take that into account and write something that’ll make your group shine.